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Drive Lock

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Product Code: HFS-DRIVELOCK-01
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Reduces the threat of a vehicle being moved or stolen

The Maple Driving Lock instantly immobilises an unattended vehicle with an idling or running engine, if an unauthorised person tries to move or drive the vehicle away.

Drivelock is a sophisticated driver recognition system that offers the very highest level of security. Even with the keys left in the ignition and an idling engine, the vehicle will immobilise if anyone other than an authorised driver attempts to operate the vehicle.

This product is ideal for vehicles that require engines to remain running in order to operate ancillary equipment as part of their normal operation e.g. Dennis Eagle refuse vehicles or rigid oil tankers.


Drivelock automatically scans anyone trying to operate the vehicle. If the system does not recognise the operator then, as soon as the handbrake is released, the engine will cut out and air is vented from the brakes locking them on. This controlled immobilisation secures the vehicle mechanically and electronically. Any attempt to restart the vehicle will result in the horn sounding and lights flashing, drawing attention to the breech in security.


Upgrading to ‘Drivelock +’ means that if the handbrake is not engaged by the authorised driver prior to exiting the cab, a loud audible warning voice notifies the driver that the vehicle has not been placed in a safe parking condition.

The system is very flexible, allowing you to programme in your own specific needs and authorisation levels, thus preventing vehicles from being operated by inappropriately trained drivers.

Key features

  • The vehicle can be left running with keys in the ignition and still be protected against accidental movement or opportunist theft
  • Drivelock gives you the reassurance of knowing your vehicle can only be driven by authorised or appropriately qualified drivers.
  • Operators can set different levels of access, for different drivers. i.e., if a driver is only qualified to operate certain vehicle types, then the system can be programmed to accommodate this.
  • No additional keys or codes are required, providing hands-free operation.
  • Any attempt by an unauthorised person to restart the vehicle will result in the horn sounding to alert the driver / operator.
  • Ideal for operators who require the engine to be left running in order to power other operations i.e. cranes, lifting vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, roadside assistance, and ‘blue light’ vehicles.
  • Option for adding a handbrake status advisor.
  • 12 volt and 24 volt options for light or heavy commercial vehicles.

Product Code: HFS-DRIVELOCK-01