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Keyout System

The Keyout system allows the vehicle engine to continue running after the keys have been removed from the ignition. This allows the continued operation of ancillary equipment without the threat of flat batteries or opportunist theft Key Features
  • Vehicle can be left running without keys in the ignition and be protected against opportunist theft or accidental movement
  • Any attempt by an unauthorised person to move the vehicle result in the engine cutting
  • Prevent flat batteries caused by the use of ancillary equipment
  • 12v & 24v options available
£163.87 VAT inc.

CANBus Alarm

Key Features 
  • A unique can bus vehicle immobiliser.
  • Prevent key cloning ,theft and hacking.
  • No installation indication.
  • Uses existing vehicle controls for de-activation.
  • Customer set pin code sequence.
  • iPhone app activation available.
£187.20 VAT inc.