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Zirkona Hook

Zirkona Hook
CODE: MNT-ZK-402410
Laptop holder that is hung on the steering wheel. A quick and easy way to create a ergonomic workplace in your vehicle. Can be folded to fit a standard laptop bag. Product Code: MNT-ZK-402410  
£46.30 VAT inc.

Zirkona Backwall Teleskop

CODE: MNT-ZK-401820
Laptop stand with telescopic function for mounting on the back wall in commercial vehicles. You fold down the computer when you use it and fold it away when driving. The arm is locked in upright position. Product Code: MNT-ZK-401820
£439.42 VAT inc.

Zirkona Bracket Hold

Zirkona Hold
CODE: MNT-ZK-501100
The computer is stabilised from the sides by the use of a crank. Adjustable side brackets for access of power cable and USB etc. Product Code: MNT-ZK-501100
£127.58 VAT inc.

Zirkona Seat Holder

Zirkona Seatholder
CODE: MNT-ZK-402515
Stand for mounting on passenger seat. Fits most vehicles. Is supplemented with appropriate ball joint and computer or screen bracket. Product Code: MNT-ZK-402515
£150.26 VAT inc.

Zirkona DIN

Zirkona DIN excl
CODE: MNT-ZK-702001
Stand for mounting in DIN compartment in trucks. Screen bracket VESA 75 included. Product Code: MNT-ZK-702001
£131.35 VAT inc.

Zirkona Telescopic Stand

Zirkona Telescopic Stand
CODE: MNT-ZK-402210
Telescopic function with ball joints makes it possible to lower the stand to the floor when not in use. Computer Bracket Hold Large 280-400mm included. Product Code: MNT-ZK-402210
£300.50 VAT inc.

Zirkona Shelf

Zirkona Shelf2
CODE: MNT-ZK-702110
Stand for mounting on centre truck console. Stabilizer included. Supplemented with appropriate computer or screen bracket. Product Code: MNT-ZK-702110
£156.86 VAT inc.

Zirkona in Dash

Zirkona in Dash
CODE: MNT-ZK-701010
Stand for mounting through dash board in trucks. Is supplemented with appropriate computer or screen bracket. Product Code: MNT-ZK-701010
£111.43 VAT inc.

Zirkona Robust

Zirkona Robust
CODE: MNT-ZK-401719
Computer stand for tough conditions.Complemented by appropriate computer or screen bracket. It is possible to increase the working height with extension tubes. Product Code: MNT-ZK-401719  
£199.27 VAT inc.

Zirkona Zione

Zirkona Zione
CODE: MNT-ZK-401690
Mounted on the window with a suction cup. Flexible telescopic arm. A convenient solution for those who want their notebook / PC on the go. Easily removed and can be moved between cars. Fits 8-13”. Product Code: MNT-ZK-401690
£141.74 VAT inc.